Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Raspberry Pi Beta Dimensions

Original Post Date 6th March 2012

The topic of Raspberry Pi Dimensions was covered here by myself on Raspberrymod.com. However, I thought to share this information again here for all those trying to design Raspberry Pi cases. These are the currently agreed dimensions of the Raspberry Pi beta board:

Board is 85.60mm x 53.98mm

Ethernet port – 13mm
Usb 2.0 ports – 15mm
Audio jack – 10mm
RCA video – 13mm
HDMI – 6 mm
SD Card – 4.5 mm (underneath)
Micro USB power – 2.5 mm
Standard PCB Board Thickness - 1.57mm

Beta Raspberry Pi Measurements and Dimensions are available here.
A scalable beta Raspberry Pi is available here.
Raspberry Pi beta board perspective views are available here.
And Gert's mechanical layout is available here.

Some measurements for the Raspberry Pi board from Paul Maunder's Blog
Raspberry Pi Perspective image from Soronlin

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